Tuesday, February 28, 2017

According to Giantbomb's wiki page "A pancake is a round cake that is prepared using flour, salt, sugar, eggs, milk, and typically a rising agent. Once prepared, the batter is poured onto a heated surface, generally a griddle, but a frying pan can even be used. By region, pancakes can differ, such as a thinner pancake may be called a crepe."

It also says that only 23 games feature pancakes, so like your own pancake recipes take that with a pinch of salt.

Here is the definitive list of video game pancakes:

Who doesn't love pancakes. Who doesn't love mushy peas? Starbound has you covered in one meal with the pearlpea pancakes. Craft these pancakes with Egg, Pearlpeas, Wheat and Milk. I like my mushy peas on chips and not my pancakes, for that reason these are 5th on the list. 

4) Skyrim
Of course Skyrim has pancakes. They're a little low poly though. There's probably a clean_pancake_faces mod on the steam workshop. I guess these taste like cardboard... 

3) Cook serve Delicious
Every 'kitchen' themed game must have pancakes right? With all the recipes in those games they must have pancake recipes at some point. But which is the best? Look at these and their purple splat and you know instantly. 

2) Life is Strange
In the 3rd Episode of Life is Strange You get to choose what to have for breakfast. Why would you have bacon and eggs when you could have pancakes? of course you could eat pancakes, then rewind time and have the bacon and eggs too. 

1) Saints Row 4
Saints Row 4 has a pancake eating minigame during the 3rd mission of the story. For shear interactivity, it's gotta be the best, right?

Know another game with pancakes? or want to share your favourite recipe? comment below.


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