This is a blog by Robert Lane, an independent game developer based in the UK. It features thoughts about games and technology that he finds interesting, as well as information about his own projects, such as development and release information.

Robert has released 3 games, since beginning a career in  video game development in 2010, including Puzzle Dungeon, a block pushing Puzzle Game for iPhone, described in the media as "Satisfyingly complex" . 

Although not beginning to release games until 2010, Robert was interested in video game programming from an early age. His first project was a Pong clone, written in BASIC for the commodore 64. 

Influenced by games and programming throughout the years, Robert's aim is to create fun original games that take great mechanics from "retro" games, and breathe new life into them using new technologies and controls, whether they be touch screen, motion control or virtual reality. 

You can get in touch with him via the contact tab above.