Saturday, March 29, 2014
EGX Rezzed, day two. What did it have in store?

Roll7's new game, Not A Hero. It's a great 2 1/4D game that introduces typical third person mechanics such as reloading and covering behind objects to a 2D perspective with excellent results.

But it's not all video games here at EGX Rezzed. I'm currently sat on the floor with my back rested against the Leftfield Collection watching a group of people playing pinball. 

The Twitch booth, which is bang centre of the floor has been constantly busy throughout the day. Currently they have yogscast youtubers playing Goat Simulator, much to everyone's amusement.

And when you throw in Fez on the PlayStation 4, Super Exploding Zoo and Worms Battlegrounds, I've seen some excellent stuff today.

Here's some more images from the day:


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