Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Well folks. 2013 is over now. I've unfortunately been a bit busy recently to update this blog, I promise that'll change, but here's an update of what's happened since the community update for Puzzle Dungeon went live.

There was a Christmas level pack with 60 more levels, all themed for the season. This brought the total levels to 130, for no extra cost. I decided not to charge for the DLC right from the beginning. Although it doubled the content, there wasn't enough justification for it. Also, if my hunch was right, I'd gain more sales through the promotion of the DLC anyway. My hunch was correct and a surge of sales came my way around release of the DLC and the holidays (with people getting new iPhones I assume).

I also promoted the game with a free weekend after, to coincide with the end of the Steam Winter/Spring sale. Making the game free for the weekend was based on the idea that "Anyone who was gonna buy it, has brought it already" and I thought it'd help with exposure. During the free weekend the game was downloaded to more than double the accounts than had brought the game.

Overall. I'm pleased with how the year ended in that regard. My first venture into working with iOS was more successful that I had imagined, I had a very merry Christmas and spent time with family and friends.

Here's to a successful 2014, for everyone. I'm going to start work on a new project soon. Nothing to say about it yet, but I've got an idea I really wanna try out.

 Happy New Year to you and yours.


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