Tuesday, October 01, 2013
If you go to my homepage now you may notice that it has changed. It's now promoting my upcoming project Puzzle Dungeon which is coming soon to iOS...hopefully.

I say hopefully because its currently "waiting for review" where it will spend, as I understand it, 4 or 5 days before Apple accept it onto the App Store. 

Apple's iTunes Connect is infinitely better than the Create.MSDN method for setting up payment information and banking details. For example: On XBLIG the developer had to submit W-8 tax forms, by post, to the U.S. but with Apple it was as simple as selecting the country and type of company you are. 

On a side note, I had to go the Microsoft Developer Network to get my IBAN number as I couldn't remember it, and saw that recently sales of Synesthesia Amnesia have tripled in the last 2 quarters and if that trend continues through Autumn I shall have another pay-out at the end of the Quarter. 

If all goes to plan Puzzle Dungeon will be out on the 10th October, a date of personal significance to me. From the date of it being accepted to the App Store through to the 10th I will be on a tiring campaign to get the game noticed. I'm researching how to go about this as I am not a PR person and I am British therefore humble and not used to selling myself or product. 

My Plan is to give away some games I have steam codes for with a "Quote & Retweet" competition on Twitter along the lines of "Follow @lanerobertlane & RT that Puzzle Dungeon is out now for iPhone http://URL.co.uk to win a copy of [blank] for PC" as well as regular Plz RTs. 

I'm also going to send a few select e-mails to iPhone app/game review sites such as Touch Arcade to see if I can drum up interest there as well as send review codes. 

Is there anything else, realistically, to do?

I like this game I've created. I find it fun, challenging and nostalgic. I can envision it doing well, if people knew about it. 

Incidentally, here's a link to the project page: Puzzle Dungeon
and if you're press reading this, how about taking a look at the press kit

So, I'm ramping up full marketing mode now, It's been a good couple of months working on this project and now it's time for the world to see it. Wish me luck!

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